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A Guide to Implementing Optimization-Based Planning Models Quickly with the New LINGO

by LINDO Systems

 Pre-Conference Workshop
Sunday, November 4, 1:00-3:30
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

Learn how several new features in LINGO 18 can make the life of a modeler/analyst easier. Visualizing and interpreting solutions is easier with nearly two dozen graphing/charting functions, including new Gantt and Space-Time diagrams. Incorporating the solvers into your applications is a breeze with interfaces to numerous development environments such as Python as well as an enhanced and simplified interface to R. Getting solutions on a wide variety of challenging optimization problems is even faster, with newly enhanced solvers -- especially on quadratic and mixed integer nonlinear problems. Come explore how these tools can streamline your next optimization modeling project.

We will show you how to take advantage of them using a variety of applications:
o    Blending: petroleum, feed, and metals industries. Special features to model heat exchangers.
o    Supply chain design, Purchasing in multiple industries.
o    Cutting stock: paper, metals, and clothing industries.
o    Financial Portfolio models of all sorts: cardinality and min-buy constraints, Value-at-risk.
o    Electric Power: Nonlinear Optimal Power Flow, and Hydro/Generator Scheduling/unit
                     Commitment. Special features for nonlinear network flow networks.
o    Auction and market clearing: electric power and gas distribution, class scheduling.
o    Advertising and Marketing: Media selection, Sales territory realignment, Sales call planning,
                    Revenue/booking limits Management, Overbooking limits, Bundle Pricing, Credit scoring and
                     Classification, Shelf space allocation.
o    Staff scheduling: Call center management, health and maintenance personnel management.
o    Planning under uncertainty: financial planning, fuel purchasing, and the auto industry.
o    Resource extraction long range planning: mining and petroleum production.

New features highlighted:
o    New chart functions: Gantt charts, stacked vertical bar, stacked horizontal bar.
               Dramatically improves performance on quadratic problems arising in portfolios.
               Matrix functions: Cholesky and QR factorization, Eigenvalues and more.
               Enhanced programming features for handling pre- and post-processing of your models.

Unrestricted Capacity Trial Software Provided:
Attendees of the workshop will learn large-scale optimization modeling and receive two month trial versions of the following software packages:
o    LINGO - An efficient modeling language and interactive environment with extensive programming and output formatting capabilities.
o    What'sBest! - A powerful reliable add-in for large scale modeling within Excel spreadsheets.
o    LINDO API - For custom applications, a fast, reliable, large scale comprehensive optimizer engine with a single interface for all problem types: LP, QP, SOC, SDP, NLP, IP, Global, Stochastic.
Free Software Drawing
All attendees of the workshop will be entered into a drawing to win a single user perpetual license of Hyper LINGO, Professional What'sBest! or Hyper LINDO API. The drawing will be held during the workshop.

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Register for the workshop by October 31st, attend the workshop, and receive a complimentary copy of Optimization Modeling with LINGO. This modeling text by Linus Schrage can help you to become a better modeler. It's a comprehensive guide to applying the power of optimization to problems of business, industry and government.


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There will be an additional tutorial on LINDO software at the Phoenix INFORMS conference:
Time: Monday, November 5th

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