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General purpose blending and product mix model in What'sBest!

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    We have a set of raw materials (RM) available,      						
which we want to blend together into one or more finished goods (FG).      						
    There are a set of quality measures (QM) associated with each raw material.      						
    Each FG has lower and upper limits on each QM.      						
    For each FG we want to decide how much of each RM to use in      						
the blend so that the final blend satisfies the quality requirements    						
and the min and max batch size requirements of the FG.						
     Given the cost of each RM and the revenue from each FG						
We want to maximize total Revenue - Cost.						
    We allow that some RM's may in fact decrease the batch size because						
the addition of the RM removes some components, e.g.,						
    Injecting oxygen into molten steel may burn off carbon.						
    Adding lime to molten steel allows the removal of sulfur as slag.     						


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