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Forest Harvest Model

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We have a set of stands or tracts of trees.
We want to decide how much to harvest from each tract
in each year of a multi-year planning horizon.
RevCof( s,p,t) = net revenue from harvesting stand s from product p in period t.
RevCof(s,*) usually has a S shaped curve as a function of t, e.g.,
it grows slowly at first, then rapidly in midlife, and slowly later in life.
VolCof(s,p,t) = volume from stand s of product p if harvested in t.
GoalLO(p,t) = low goal for total harvest of product p in period t,
GoalHI(p,t) = high goal for total harvest of product p in period t
D = discount factor or effective interest rate.

Decision variables:
X(s,t) = fraction of stand s harvested in period t.


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