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"Network" revenue management

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"Network" revenue management.
We have a set of resources we can sell to customers.
Customers buy our resources in "packages". A package is a combination of one or more resources.
In airlines, a package is a set of one or more flights that get a customer from his origin to his destination.
In a hotel setting, a package is a set of one or more nights in a room needed for a vacation or a meeting of some sort.
In a rental car setting, a package is a set of one or more days of use of a car.
In a course registration system, a package is a set of (non-conflicting)courses a student would like to take.
In practice, a problem like the following is solved every day with updated data on the
  a) units still available of each resource,
  b) forecasts of remaining demand of each type.
In many situations it makes sense to base acceptance or rejection on the shadow prices of the scarce resources. This is call bid price control;


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