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A Packing Line problem with buffering

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Apples of random weight come down a packing line into a weigh station buffer with NBUF slots.
The apple in each slot is weighed.
Then NPACK ( NPACK <= NBUF) of these apples are selected and placed into a box of NPACK apples.
A new set of NPACK apples then enter the weigh station buffer to replace the apples just packed, and the cycle repeats.
There is a target weight, TARG, we want to achieve for each box.
There are relative penalties,UNPEN and OVPEN, of being under and over target.
Which set of NPACK out of NBUF apples should be selected at each cycle so as to have boxes that are close to target?
If there are alternate ways of getting a perfect packing of the first box, which packing would you prefer?;


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