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Stable Marriage Assignment

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  Each of n men (job applicants?) specify a rank, 1, 2,..., n, for
  each of n women (potential employers?). 
   Similarly, each of the n women specify a rank for 
  each of the men.
  We want to assign or match the men and women in
  couples that are stable, i.e., there will be no man 
  i and woman j who are not paired up, but would 
  prefer to be paired up rather than be paired 
  with their current partner. (Tempted to have an affair?) 
  This LINGO model will find such a pairing that will 
  minimize the worst that any person gets treated under
  this pairing. This problem is a variant of the
  National Resident Matching Program in U.S. medicine (NRMP).
 Ref. Gale and Shapley;
 Other applications are in highschool or college admissions,
  or the Human Resources (HR) task of 
  matching applicants to jobs in a large organization;


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