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What'sBest! lets you build linear, nonlinear, and integer models in Excel. Models are easy to build and understand using standard spreadsheet equations. >>more

LINGO is a comprehensive tool designed to help you build and solve linear, optimization models quickly, easily, and efficiently. >>more

LINDO API creates optimization applications. It allows you to plug the power of the LINDO solver right into customized applications that you have written. >>more

What s Best! - Excel optimizationLingo - Optimization ModelingLindo API - Custom optimization application
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A Beta version of Lindo API 9.0 is now available. Preview a list of new enhancements, download a limited capacity Beta version, or contact us for information on evaluating a full capacity version.

Now shipping a new faster LINDO API 8.0, Lingo 14.0 and What'sBest! 12.0

Our products feature performance improvements in all solvers: Linear, Integer, Quadratic, Conic, General Nonlinear, Global, and Stochastic.
The new releases also offer increased exploitation of multi-core processors.

LINDO API 8.0 Enhancements

Lingo 14.0 Enhancements

What'sBest! 12.0 Enhancements

Download LINDO API, Lingo or What'sBest!



Speed and ease-of-use have made LINDO Systems a leading supplier of software tools for building and solving optimization models

LINDO™ linear, nonlinear, integer, stochastic and global programming solvers have been used by thousands of companies worldwide to maximize profit and minimize cost on decisions involving production planning, transportation, finance, portfolio allocation, capital budgeting, blending, scheduling, inventory, resource allocation and more.