Improve your Modeling Skills

New LINGO Text Available

Optimization Modeling with LINGO, a new book by Linus Schrage, can help you to become a better modeller. It's a comprehensive guide to applying the power of optimization to problems of business, industry and government.

High-Tech Tools for Financial Analysis

In order to provide their clients with expert financial advice backed by state of the art analysis, more and more financial professionals are relying on their PCs. If you are a financial or investment advisor, CPA or banker who is not yet using PC based softwre for analysis, a new book titled The Financial Advisor's Analytical Toolbox: Using Technology to Optimize Client Solutions can help bring you up to speed. The book, by Ed McCarthy, discusses tools and techniques you can use to help maximize your client's wealth. For more information, see the article.


ARCHIVES - Case Studies for What'sBest!

If you are looking for some additional examples of applying What'sBest! to business problems, you may be interested in the manual What's Best Linear Programming written and published by Roy L. Nersesian, a professor at Monmouth University. Professor Nersesian has been teaching in linear programming for several years and has developed a set of fifteen cases which can be applied to the real world including project management, bond portfolio management, capital budgeting, stock portfolio management, and new plant sizing and timing, among others. For more information, see the article.

Spreadsheet Modeling Insight

Insight.xla, a new book and software bundle, endeavors to teach a variety of quantitative analysis techniques using spreadsheet based examples and tutorials. Insight.xla, by Sam Savage, includes a set of six Excel add-ins including a limited capacity version of What'sBest!. For more information, see the article or point your browser to

ARCHIVES - Optimization Modeling with LINDO

The new expanded Fifth edition of Optimization Modeling with LINDO, by Linus Schrage, can help you gain the knowledge and understanding to discover and build new applications and make existing models more efficient. For more information, see the full article.

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