Download What'sBest! User's Manual [PDF]
What'sBest! lets you build linear, nonlinear, and integer models in Excel. Models are easy to build and understanding standard spreadsheet equations. Excel users can often begin building models within minutes of installing the What'sBest! program, and the problem capacities of the larger What'sBest! versions allow large scale, real world problems to be solved.


Download LINGO User's Manual [PDF]
LINGO is a comprehensive tool designed to help you build and solve linear, nonlinear, and integer optimization models quickly, easily, and efficiently. LINGO includes a powerful modeling language, a full-featured environment for building and editing problems, the ability to read and write to Excel and databases, and a set of fast built-in solvers.

Lindo API Download LINDO API User's Manual [PDF]
With the LINDO API, you can easily create your own optimization applications. It allows you to plug the power of the LINDO solver right into customized applications that you have written.
LINDO User's Manual Download Classic LINDO User's Manual [PDF]
Classic LINDO's simple interface and straightforward model expression style make it easy to learn and use. Classic LINDO is appropriate for building and solving moderately sized linear and integer models.
Optimization Modeling with Lingo

Click here to download Optimization Modeling with LINGO by Linus Schrage.



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