Virtual 2021 INFORMS Analytics Meeting Video 


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Useful Tips on Building Optimization Based Multi-Period Planning Models

Length: 30-minutes


Learn tricks and pitfalls in designing successful multi-period planning models from LINDO Systems. These models can have periods that range from 15 minutes (staff scheduling, electricity generator scheduling) to a year (petroleum, mining, and forest planning) with planning horizons ranging from 1 day to 60 years. Learn the keys to designing useful multi-period models, considering such issues as choice of objective function; modeling taxes; uncertainty; inventory features such as: representing interactions among tasks, such as precedence constraints, resource constraints; backlogging, lost sales, perishable products, compressible inventories such as natural gas; choosing ending and starting conditions; when and how to use steady state models; rolling/sliding schedules and combatting “nervous” plans; choosing period length, planning horizon, starting and ending conditions. Many of these tips are illustrated with examples in LINGO and What'sBest!.


An expanded slide presentation is available: Multi-Period Planning: An Optimization Oriented Guide.



Virtual 2020 INFORMS Annual Meeting Videos  


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Advances in the New Releases of LINGO, LINDO API, and What’sBest!
Presented by Linus Schrage, CEO and founder of LINDO Systems
Length: 1 hour 50 minutes

Learn how the extensive enhancements in LINDO API, LINGO, and What’sBest! make it easier to quickly formulate and solve your optimization problems. Find out about the latest performance improvements and new and enhanced features and interfaces. The new releases offer an order of magnitude performance improvement in solving “long skinny” LP’s with many more variables than constraints. Speed in solving LPs with multiple cores using the concurrent solver has been significantly improved. The new Parameter Tuning Tool helps boost performance by finding the best parameter settings for a given set of models. Performance on non-convex quadratic models has been significantly improved using the Global Solver’s substantially expanded ability to recognize and exploit convexity. Among the new features, support has been added for Multiple/Lexico objectives. Interfaces to support most popular modeling languages have been added and enhanced, as well as general purpose frontends such as R, Excel, and more. Powerful but easy to use new features have been added to LINGO to integrate your optimization models more smoothly into Excel workbooks. LINGO has expanded the file types that it can read and write and enhanced its ability to work with dynamic sets. The Stochastic optimization capabilities utilize improved management of large numbers of scenarios. What’sBest! offers more robust support to the wide range of mathematical functions in Excel.

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Optimization Modeling Made Easy
Presented by: Mark Wiley, VP Marketing
Length: 30 minutes

See how exceptional ease of use, wide range of capabilities, and flexibility have made LINDO software the tool of choice for thousands of Operations Research professionals. LINDO offers solvers to cover all your optimization needs. The Linear Programming solvers handle million variable/constraint problems fast and reliably. The Quadratic/SOCP/Barrier solver efficiently handles quadratically constrained problems. The Integer solver works fast and reliably with LP, QP and NLP models. The Global NLP solver finds the guaranteed global optimum of nonconvex models. The Stochastic Programming solver has a full range of capabilities for planning under uncertainty.

Get an overview of our powerful modeling tools and find out about the newest enhancements and features.
•    What’sBest! is an add-in to Excel that you can use to quickly build models that managers can use and understand.
•    LINGO is a full featured modeling language for expressing complex models clearly and concisely. It has links to Excel and databases that make data I/O easy, plus programming capability and graphics.

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Overview Description:
Solvers and features of LINGO, What’sBest, and LINDO API
Presented by: Mark Wiley, VP Marketing
Length: 5 minutes

Get a quick overview of the optimization modeling tools offered by LINDO Systems. The video goes over the arsenal of solvers and unique capabilities of LINGO, What’sBest, and LINDO API.

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