LINGO 18 includes a wide range of performance enhancements and new features.

Better Performance on Linear Models with Improved Simplex Solvers
Enhancements to the Simplex solvers boost speed on linear models. Models solve an average of 18% faster using primal simplex and 15% faster for dual simplex.

Significantly Faster on Large Quadratic Models
Improvements in handling large quadratic matrices, e.g. 1000 x 1000, provide substantial performance improvement solving financial portfolio and other quadratic models.

Improved Handling of Models with Discontinuous Functions
Models that use discontinuous functions such as MOD(x,k), INT(x), ROUND(x), can be solved more quickly.

Faster When Simultaneously Solving LPs Using Different Solvers
In situations in which it may be difficult to predict whether the Primal, Dual or Barrier Solver will provide the fastest solution to a linear model, an improved Multi-Core feature allows you to assign each solver to a separate core and run them concurrently. So, you are ensured the solution in the shortest time regardless of which solver is fastest.


Multi-Start NLP Solver Now Supports a Target Value
Users can specify a target value for the objective function. As soon as any multi-start thread achieves a specified target all threads stop.

Most Recent Modeling Language and Feature Enhancements
- New chart functions: Gantt charts, stacked vertical bar, stacked horizontal bar.

- New function for executing commands from R statistics package from LINGO.
- Ability to interrupt solver in a CALC section, but continue execution of the CALC.    
- New arithmetic functions: @SIGNPOWER, @LMTD and @RLMTD for heat exchanger and nonlinear network models.
- New solver log option: Enable the solver log, set its output level.

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