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ABCanalysis.lngDo ABC Analysis of a set of items
ADALLOT.lngAdvertising Insert Assignment Problem
AdMediaSelection.lngAd Media Selection
AirlineOptimization.pdfOptimization Applications in Airline Planning
AirTrafficFloGrnDlay.lngAir Traffic Flow Model with Ground Delays
alphametic.xlsAlphametics (addition)
AnaHierProc02.lngAnalytic Hierarchy Process Example
Applications of Optimization to Problems in Sales and Marketing -
Applichm01.lngSupply sourcing
ARMA_MODEL.xlsARMA(1,1) Model
ARouteGA.lngAirline Routing
AROUTESC.lngAirline Routing
ARouteSC24.lngThe Jet/ FTL/ Taxi Routing Problem
ASLBAL.lngAssembly Line Balancing
AslBalMinC01.lngAssembly line balancing model
ASSET_LIABILITY_D.lngAsset-Liability Management, Deterministic case
ASSET_LIABILITY_S.lngAsset-Liability Management, Stochastic case
ASSIGN.ltxAssignment Problem
Assignment.lngAssignment model
ASSIGNWB.xlsAssignment Problem
AssortPlan.lngAssortment Planning
AssortPlanX.lngAssortment planning
AstroCosDuals.xlsxAstro/Cosmo/Digital Recorder Product Mix Problem.
AstroCosSemic.xlsGo/No-Go Decisions and Binary Variables
AstroCosTrndo.lngTornado parametric analysis of AstroCosmo model
AstroCosWB.xlsThe Astro Cosmo Problem
AstroCos_FC.xlsxThe Astro Cosmo Problem
AUCTEQ.ltxAuctioning Classes to Students - Equilibrium problem
AUCTION.ltxAuctioning Classes to Students
BARD02.lngBard MPEC(Math Program with Equilibrium Constraints)
BassModel.lngEstimate the Bass model for new product sales
BassModel.xlsEstimate the Bass Model for new product sales
BAYES.lngBayes Rule Conditional Probabilities
BDTBONDT.lngBlack/Derman/Toy Binomial Interest Rate Model
BENCHMK.ltxOrganizational Benchmarking
BendersX.lngBenders decomposition
BestWorst.lngBestWorst method for Multi-criteria problems
BIMATRIX.ltxTwo-Person Nonconstant Sum Game
BiMatrixGame.lngTwo-Person Nonconstant Sum Game
BlendOctaneQP.lngA blending model
BlendOctaneQPx.xlsxNonlinear Blending Gasoline to meet a MON Target
BLENDWB.xlsBlending of Ingredients in What'sBest!
BLENDWBflat.xlsxBlending Model
BLEND_COAL.xlsGeneric Blending Model
BLNDNG.ltxBlending of Ingredients 2
BLOCK.xlsThe Building Block Method
BONDS.xlsBond Portfolio Optimization
BOX.lngDesigning a Computer Cabinet
BOXWB.xlsDesigning a Computer Cabinet
BUNDLE.ltxProduct Bundling
BusRouting.lngBus route design problem
CALLBKC.cA C Programming Example with a Callback Function
CALLBKVB.frmA Visual Basic Programming Example with a Callback Function
capbudps.xls Project Selection Model in What'sBest
CapBudPsL.lngProject Selection Model in LINGO
CAPBUDX.xlsCapital Budgeting
CapLoc.lngCapacitated Plant Location Problem
CASHBALN.xlsOptimal Cash Balance
CASHMGMT.ltxCash Balance Management
catenary.lngCatenary curve calculation for a hanging chain with 2*N links.
Cell_Network.lngCell phone base station location model in LINGO.
CentralLimitTheorem.lngIllustrate Histogram feature of LINGO
ChannelFlo.lngModel of flow in an uncovered stream.
ChemEqlb.lngChemical equilibrium problem
CHESS.lngBlending of Ingredients 3
CHISQUARED.lngChi-square Goodness of Fit test
CholeskyNormal.lngCholesky Factorization
CircleMin.lngMinimum Circle Radius
Clustering.lngPartition items into clusters
CLUSTERS.lngClustering Example
ClustrKcntrdm.lngk-Centroid Clustering
ColorGraph.lngA graph coloring model in LINGO
ComplexArithmetic.lngComplex arithmetic in LINGO
CONGEST.ltxManaging Traffic Congestion
CONJOINTG.lngConjoint Analysis
CONJOINTS.lngConjoint Analysis
conrouting.lngContainer routing problem
CourseAssign06.xlsxStudent to class assignment problem
Cover_Lotry4.lngLottery ticket covering problem
Covid19-Apr24.xlsxCovid 19
CovrSpecies.lngModel for selecting Nature Reserves
CPMPERT.ltxProject Evaluation & Review Technique/Critical Path Method
CPostman03.lngChinese Postman problem
CrashCPM.lngA PERT/CPM model with crashing
CREWSCHD.ltxCrew Scheduling
CritPath01.lngCompute critical paths
CropAllocation-HWC.xlsmCrop Allocation
CUTSGEN.lngCutting Stock with credit
CUTSTOCK.xlsCutting Stock
CUTTING.ltxCutting Stock
CUTTING_STOCK.xlsCutting Stock
cycle.lngProduct Cycling Problem
DAMPOOLD.lngWater Reservoir Model
DATAENV.ltxData Envelopment Analysis
DDFefficiency.lngComputing efficiency of Decision Making Units
deamod.xlsData Envelopment Analysis of Decision Maker Efficiency
DecompIt.lngMatrix Decomposition
Decomposed_Price_Model.xlsDecomposition Model for Price Change
DECTREE.lngOil Drilling Decision Tree
DEMRND.lngGenerating Random Numbers
Dept2Locn.lngThe Department to Location Facility Assignment Problem(Dept2Locn)
Dept2LocnX.xlsxThe Department to Location Facility Assignment problem
Dial_a_Ride.lngA traveling salesperson problem
Dice_DesignNT.xlsxConstructing Nontransitive Dice
DinkelBach.lngOptimize a model with a ratio objective
DiscGen06.lngDiscriminant analysis by linear programming
DiscrmLP10.lngDiscrimant analysis
DiscrmSwiss02.lngDiscriminant analysis by integer programming
DISTCOLM.lngDistillation Column
DISTRIB.ltxDistribution Problem
DISTRICT.lngDistricting/Clustering example
DNRISK.lngScenario Based Portfolio Model
DNRISKWB.xlsScenario Based Portfolio Model
DrayageX.lngThe truckload delivery and\or pickup or drayage problem in LINGO
DUNBRMIN.lngDunbrmin mining problem
DUPLEX.lngMinimum Set of Links Model
DynamicProgShortRt.lngDynamic programming illustration
DYNAMIC_IS_LM4.xlsDynamic IS-LM Model
EGARCH_model.xlsxEGARCH Model
EigenCovarMat3.lngEigenvalues/vectors of a covariance matrix
ElectProbsPop.lngCompute the probability of outcomes in U.S. Presidential Election Electoral College.
Electrical Generation-
ENGINOLA.ltxEnginola Product Mix Problem
EntropyMax.lngEntropy model in LINGO
EnumrXtrmB.lngEnumerate extreme points
EOQCAP.lngCapacitated Economic Order Quantity
EoqRmodl.lngQ,r inventory model( EOQRMODL)
EVACU8.lngEvacuation Model
ExpoSmooth01.xlsxExponential Smoothing
EX_IIS.oxAnalyzing an infeasible LP using the LSfindIIS() function
EX_LP1Java Programming Example of Interfacing with the LINDO API
EX_MODIFYJava programming example of interfacing with the LINDO API demonstrating
EX_MPS.frmVB programming example of interfacing with the LINDO API using external input files.
EX_NLP1Java Programming Example of Solving a NLP using the black-box style interface.
EX_USER.cNLP that uses a user-defined function
EZCOUNT.lngThe Log Gamma Function
EZMREPAR.lngMachine Repairman Problem
EZNEWS.lngNewsboy Problem
EZQUEUE.lngSimple Queuing Example
FACTOR.ltxFactors/beta Portfolio Model
FeatureBundleG2.lngThe Product Family Design Problem
Financial ApplicationOptimization Applications in Finance
FindLCM.lngLeast Common Multiple
FiniteChoice.lngChoose from a finite set
FiniteChoiceX.xlsChoose from a finite set
FINPLAN.ltxFinancial Planning
FIRfilterLin.lngFIR Filter design optimization
FisherDA04.lngFisher's Discriminant analysis
FIXED1.xlsStaff Scheduling: Two Stage Fixed Shift
FIXED2.xlsStaff Scheduling: Two Stage Fixed Shift
FLEET.ltxFleet Routing
FleetAsgRout.lngA Fleet Routing and Assignment model in LINGO
FLEETDHD.lngFleet Routing and Assignment with Deadheading
FLEETRAS.lngFleet Routing and Assignment
FLOWNET.xlsFlow Networking Model
FlowShopSeq.lngSequencing jobs in a flow shop
FLSMODELA.xlsFlexible Least Squares Model
ForestHarvest.xlsxForest Harvest Model
Formulating SP Models in WhatsBest!Stochastic Programming
FTLROUTE.lngFleet Routing and Assignment
FTLsupply.xlsxFTL Shipping of Multiple Products from Multiple Suppliers to Multiple Customers
FUELBLND.ltxFuel Blending Problem
FuelTanker.lngA fuel ferrying/tankering model in LINGO
GAMEBLUE.ltxGame Theory Problem
GAMEGOLD.ltxGame Theory Problem
Garch12.lngMaximum Likelihood estimation of a GARCH model
GARCH_modelb.xlsxGARCH Model with Student's-t Error Distribution
GateAssign.lngThe dock or gate assignment problem
GateAssignWithDelays05.lngThe dock or gate assignment problem with possible delays
gcdnu.lngGreatest Common Divisor
GearRatioChoice.lngGear ratio selection
GENEQlbm.lngGeneral Equilibrium Model of an Economy
GeneralizedBASSModel2.xlsxGeneralized BASS Model
GENPRT.lngMarkowitz Portfolio Example
GoalProgBike.lngPreemptive Goal programming
GRAM_SCHMIDT.lngGram-Schmidt Orthogonalization
GRAS_method.xlsxMatrix Balancing with the Generalized RAS (GRAS) Method
GROUPING.ltxCoal Blending
guiltineq.lngRectangular 2D cutting stock with guillotine cuts
HanssmannHess.lngThe Holt-Modigliani-Muth-Simon-Hanssmann-Hess production planning model
HanssmannHessx.xlsxThe Holt-Modigliani-Muth-Simon-Hanssmann-Hess Production Planning Model
Heat3X.xlsxChoosing sizes of a series of heat exchangers.
HEATX3.lngHeat Exchangers
HeatXchange_WBLMTD_fun03.xlsxModeling a heat exchanger - The Logarithmic Mean Temperature Difference - WBLMTD
HOGCHANC.xlsChance Constrained Blending
HOGFEED.xlsHog Feed Blending
How to Add Optimization to Your Planning Models-
HPFILT15.lngHodrick-Prescott Stochastic Trend
HydroPowerLA04.xlsxHydro Electric Generator Facility with a Pool/Reservoir
inherit.lngUnordered Lexico maximization of allocations to several parties/participants
Inherit1.xlsxMaximization of the minimum utility of a set of participants
InheritMinMax.lngAllocation of objects to several parties/participants
IntegralDefinite.lngNumerical Integration
Interdict01.lngFacility interdiction model in LINGO
IntPtAlg.lngMODEL for interior point/ barrier primal-dual method
INVENT.xlsMulti-Period Inventory Management
Inventory Approximation in Supply Chain Design Models-
InvertExmpl.lngIllustration of the @INVERSE() function
Islandia.xlsxActivity/Resource Model
JobAcceptSequ.lngJob selection and sequencing
JobChngOvr01.lngSingle Machine Job Selection and Sequencing
JOBSLT.lngJob Shop Scheduling
KalmanFilter08.lngKalman filter
KBESTKMP.lngK-Best Solutions
KLargest.lngFind Kth largest of a set
KNAPSACK.lngKnapsack Model
L1_filteringa.xlsxL1 Trend Filtering
LADREGR.ltxLeast Absolute Deviations Regression
Lagrange01.lngUsing Lagrangean relaxation
LEARNC.lngLearning Curve
LeastMedianReg.lngLeast Median Regression.
LEONTIEF.ltxLeontief Flow Model
LEXICO.ltxLexico Goal Programming
LexicoStaffing.lngIllustration of Multi-criteria/Lexico/Pre-emptive goal programming
LINDO Cutting Stock Tool Kit-
LINDO_SCM_Planner04.lngSupply Chain design model
LINEARZ.xlsConstruction Cost Estimation
LINERORD.lngLinear Ordering
LineSearchGolden.lngIllustrate Golden Section line search
LINE_BALANCE_B.xlsLine Balancing to Minimize Cycle Time
LMAXREGR.ltxLeast Maximum Deviation Regression
LMtestGOP1.mMatlab Programming Example of Solving Nonlinear model with Lindo API's global optimizer
LMtestNLP1.mMatlab Programming Example of Solving Nonlinear model using LINDO API's multi-start nonlinear optimizer
LMtestQP.mThe Markowitz Portfolio Selection Problem
LOADING.ltxProduct Mix Model
LoadLevel.lngJob Load Leveling
Load_Truck.xlsLoading a Compartmentalized Tank Truck
LOCKBOX.xlsLocating a Lockbox
LOCKBOXG.lngLocating a Lockbox
LOGIT.lngScore Deriving Model
LOOPCUTA.lngOn-The-Fly Column Generation
LOOPDEAx.lngData Envelopment Analysis of Decision Maker Efficiency
LOOPKBEST.lngIllustrates how to append cuts in a loop to generate the K-Best solutions for a binary MILP
LOOPSTAFF03.lngA model with three criteria with "Pre-emptive" importance
LOST_SALES0.lngInfinite Period Newsvendor Problem
LOST_SALES1.lngInfinite Period Newsvendor Problem
LotBackLog.lngSingle product Capacitated lot sizing with backlogging in LINGO
LOTSIZE.ltxTwo Product Capacitated Lotsizing
LotSizing1.lngSingle product Capacitated lot sizing.
LST-GARCH_model.xlsLST-GARCH(1,1) Model
LSTAR1a.xlsL-STAR (1) Model
MachAsgSeq03.lngJob to Machine Assignment and Sequencing
MachAsgSeq4x20.lngJob to Machine Assignment and Sequencing
magichexy.xlsxThe Magic Hexagon Puzzle
MAGICSQUARE.xlsThe Magic Square Problem
MarkDownDet.lngMark down pricing, Two period, deterministic case
MARKET.ltxMarket Clearing
MARKOV.lngMarkov Chain Model
MARKOW.cThe Markowitz Portfolio Selection Model
MARKSCEN.ltxThe Scenario Approach
MARKWTZ.ltxMarkowitz Portfolio Model
MATCHD.lngMatching Model
MatchInvoicesRE.lngThe invoice/payment matching problem
MATREQ.ltxMaterial Requirements Planning
MatrixOperationsLINGO.pdfMatrix Functions in LINGO
MaxFloInNetwork.xlsxMaximum Flow in What'sBest!
MaxFloMinCut.lngMax Flow (dual of Min cut) problem
MAXLIKES.lngMaximum Likelihood Estimation with censored data
MCOMDIST.ltxMulti-Commodity Distribution
MEDIA.xlsPurchasing Advertising Media
MediaReach.xlsxMaximize the size of market reached by some combination of media, subject to a limit on media spend
METRIC.lngMulti-echelon Inventory
MEXICO01.lngThe Mexican Steel Problem
MFPLAN.ltxMulti-period Financial Planning Model
MinCutMaxFlo.lngMin Cut (dual of Max Flow) problem
MineSeq01.lngMining sequencing problem
MinSpanTree.xlsxMinimum Spanning Tree for a Network
MinWorkTime.xlsxModeling hiring of personnel for a minimum hire period
MLDIST.ltxMulti-level Distribution
MLEweibull04.xlsxMaximum Likelihood Estimation of discrete data
MLogitL.xlsMultinomial Logit Model
Model Simplification to improve Solver PerformanceRemoving Nonlinearities
ModelBestPractices.pdfModeling Best Practices
MODIFY.oxC Programming Example with the LINDO API demonstrating adding new variables and constraints.
MonteCarloAnalysis.docMonte Carlo Analysis
MonteCarloInLINGO03.pdfMonte Carlo Sampling in LINGO
MONTEINV.xlsTwo Period Purchasing Under Uncertainty
Move Optimization in Multi-Slide Metal Forming-
MPSCHD.lngMultiproduct Capacitated Lot Sizing
MPSCHD2.lngOne facility, Multiproduct, Multiperiod Capacitated lot sizing
MREPAR.lngMachine Repairman Problem
MROUTE.ltxTruckload Routing Problem
MRP.lngMaterial Requirements Planning
MTRXGAME.ltxBimatrix Game Theory
MULLDC.lngMulti-level Distribution
MULPLAN.ltxMulti-Period Production Planning
MultCommodity.lngMulti-commodity flow model
Multi-object Auctions-
MULTICOM.lngMulti-Commodity Network Flow
MultiNomi.lngMultinomial Logit(MNL) Consumer Choice and Assortment model
MultiNomiX.lngAssortment planning/ Consumer Choice
MultiPeriodPlan43Multi-period Planning
MUNBNDN.lngMunicipal Bond Bidding and underwriting - Net Interest Cost
MUNBNDT.lngMunicipal Bond Bidding and underwriting - True Interest Cost
MUSIC.ltxPlacing Songs on a Record Album
NetEqlx4.lngNetwork equilibrium
NetFloSCM04.xlsxSupply Chain/Network Flow Optimization Model in What'sBest!
NetFloSimpl.xlsxNetwork Flow Optimization Model in What'sBest!
NetRevMan.lng"Network" revenue management
NETUND.lngUndirected Telephone Network
NeuralNetGen04.lngNeural Network training in LINGO
NewsVendorFacings.lngThe how many facings problem
NewsVendScen01.lngA very simple stochastic programming problem
NLTRAZ.lngMinimize Traffic Congestion
NonLinRegrChw2.lngNonlinear regression model in LINGO
NQUEEN08.lngN Queens Problem
NQUEENS.xlsThe N Queens Problem
NUSBOY.lngNewsboy with Fixed Order Charge
OBJBUNDL.lngObject Bundling Model
OBOOK2.lngOptimal Airline Overbooking 2
ODshipping02.lngPath or itinerary based approach for modeling the origin/destination shipping model in Lingo
OPTION.lngBlack & Scholes Options Pricing
OPTIONB.lngBinomial Options Pricing
OPTONFX.lngBinomial Options Pricing model on Foreign Exchange
ORDEREDPROBITa.xlsOrdered Probit Model
ORDREGR.ltxOrdinal Regression
OVERBOOK.lngOptimal Airline Overbooking 1
PackCircRect.lngPack circles into a rectangle
packcrcl.lngCircle packing
PACKING.ltxLoading a Shipping Container
PackLine.lngA Packing Line problem with buffering
pagerank.lngCompute the Google Page rank of a set of connected pages
Pandemic05.lngPandemic/Epidemiology model in LINGO
PandemicEstX04.xlsxEstimating a Pandemic Model with What'sBest!
PARAMETRIC_SIMPLE.lngParametric Analysis and Efficient Frontier
ParkingDense.lng Generic set-based LINGO Transportation model
ParkingDensex.xlsxHow Should we Assign Parking Spots
ParkingSparse.lngGeneric set-based LINGO Transportation model
ParkingSparsex.xlsxHow Should We Assign Parking Spots
PBOND.lngBond Portfolio Optimization
PC.lngSimple Product Mix
PCRASH.ltxProject Evaluation & Review Technique with Crashing
PEAPOD1.lngPEAPOD Supply Case
PERISHLS.lngPerishable product inventory management
PermutationGen.lngGenerating all permuations on N items in lexico order
PERT.lngProject Management
PERTCPM.ltxProject Evaluation & Review Technique/Critical Path Method
PERTODBC.lngProject Evaluation & Review Technique/Critical Path Method
PERTOLE.lngProject Evaluation & Review Technique/Critical Path Method
PERTRSRD.lngPERT/CPM Project Scheduling with Resource Constraints
PERT_Crash.xlsxCrash analysis for Reliable Construction
PieceLin2D.lngPiecewise Linear Interpolation
Piecelin2Dsos3.lngRepresent or approximate a function of two variables, f(x,y), by piecewise linear interpolation
PieceLinearSOS2.lngPiecewise-linear cost curves
PieceWiseSOS2a.xlsxPurchasing with a Nonlinear Price Schedule
PIPELINE.xlsPipeline Optimization
PlaceRectL09.lngPlacement of objects within a larger 2-D space
Planning Under Uncertainty-
PlantLocn01.xlsxPlant Location Model
PLFit15.lngFit a piecewise linear function
PMIXMAC.xlsProduct Mix: Using Macros
PolygonMax.lngMaximize the area of a polygon
Poolingr.lngTwo level blending or pooling model
PoollnWB01.xlsx Two level blending or pooling model
PopInMod06.lngA simple linear population model
PORT.cPortfolio Selection Problem with a Restriction on the Number of Assets
PORTAX.lngPortfolio with Taxes
PORTCARD.lngMarkowitz Portfolio model
PortCorrVGb.xlsxA standard Markowitz portfolio problem
PortCorrVGwbInnerProd.xlsxA standard Markowitz portfolio problem
PORTCOST.xlsPortfolio with Transaction Costs
PORTCVAR.lngConditional Value at Risk Model
PortDrawDn01.lngPortfolio with a DrawDown Risk Measure
PortDrawDnR.lngPortfolio with a DrawDown Risk Measure
PORTFOLIORF.xlsThe Markowitz Portfolio Problem with a Risk-free Asset
PORTFOLIO_BASIC.xlsThe Markowitz Portfolio Problem
PORTFOLIO_CORREL.xlsThe Markowitz Portfolio Problem
PORTFOLIO_FACT.xlsFactors Portfolio Model
PORTFOLIO_HEDGE.xlsThe Markowitz Portfolio Problem
PORTFOLIO_MATCH.xlsMarkowitz Portfolio with Matching
PORTFOLIO_SCENE.xlsPortfolio via Scenarios Model
PORTFOLIO_SCENE_DERIVED.xlsPortfolio via Scenarios Model
PORTFOLIO_SCENE_HEDGE.xlsConstructing a Hedging Portfolio via Scenarios
PORTFOLIO_SCENE_MATCH.xlsConstructing a Matching Portfolio via Scenarios
PORTFOLIO_SEMI_V.xlsPortfolio Minimizing Semi-variance
PORTFOLIO_SHARPE.xlsSharpe Ratio Model
PORTFOLIO_TAX.xlsMarkowitz Portfolio with Transaction Costs & Taxes
PORTFOLIO_TRANS.xlsMarkowitz Portfolio Problem with Transaction Costs
PORTFOLIO_VAR.xlsMarkowitz Portfolio, Value-at-Risk Objective
PortHedge.lngGeneric Markowitz portfolio Hedging model
PortMatch.lngMarkowitz portfolio Matching model
Portofolio_Proj.xlsThe Project Portfolio Model
PortScenCVaRA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with the CVaR Risk Measure
PortScenHedge.lngScenario portfolio model, Hedge 1st asset
PortScenInfoR.lngMaximize the Information ratio of a portfolio
PortScenInfoRatioA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with the Information Ratio as the Risk Measure
PortScenLogUtilA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with the Log Utility Risk Measure
PortScenMatch.lngScenario model, Match 1st asset
PortScenMinMADA.xlsxMean Absolute Deviation (MAD) for Portfolio Selection
PortScenMinVarA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with Variance as Risk Measure
PortScenOmegaRatioA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with the Omega Ratio Risk Measure
PortScenPowUtilA.xlsxPower Utility Measure for Portfolio Selection
PortScenSemiVarA.xlsxSemi-Variance for Portfolio Selection
PortScenSharpeR.lngMaximize the Sharpe ratio of a portfolio
PortScenSharpeRatioA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with Sharpe Ratio Risk Measure
PortScenSortinoRatioA.xlsxPortfolio Optimization with Sortino Ratio
PortScenVaRA.xlsxValue at Risk(VaR)
PORTVAR.lngMarkowitz Value at Risk Portfolio Model
POSDdecDiag.lngThe educational testing problem, illustrating @POSD
POSDeigvLargest.xlsxFind the largest eigenvalue of a symmetric matrix
POSDeigvSmallest.xlsxFind the smallest eigenvalue of a symmetric matrix
POSDfitCov.xlsxFinding a Positive Semi-definite Matrix Using the WBPOSD Constraint
PRDMX.ltxProduct Mix
PREEMPT.ltxPreemptive Goal Programming
PrePosn03.lngThe inventory pre-positioning problem in LINGO
PriceProdSimp3.lngProduct bundle pricing (PriceProdSimp)
PRICING.xlsPricing Automobiles
PRINCOMP.lngPrincipal Components Analysis
Probabilities.lng Computing Probabilities in LINGO
PROBIT.lngProbability Planning Model
PRODLOT.xlsProduction Planning (Multi-product, Single facility)
ProdMix.lngA Product Mix problem
PRODMIXWB.xlsProduct Mix with Setup Costs
PRODPLAN.ltxProduction Planning
ProdPlan01.xlsxMulti-period Planning with Tradeoff between Inventory and Overtime
ProdPortStrict.lngConsumer Choice and Assortment model
ProdSeq01.lngSmall bucket production sequencing with changeovers
Project Planning with PERT/CPM-
ProjectStartPlan.xlsxProject Start Planning in What'sBest!
PROTRAC.ltxPROTRAC Planning Model
PRTCRASH.ltxProject Evaluation & Review Technique with Crashing
PRTSCEN.lngScenario Portfolio Selection
purchasl.lngGeneral Purchasing model
purchasx.xlsGeneral Purchasing model
QAsgnm10.lngQuadratic assignment problem
QDiscBid01.xlsxChoosing vendors
QdiscSup.xlsxBuying with quantity discounts
QdiscSupL.lngBuying with quantity discounts
QDISCX.lngEconomic Order Quantity
QMMC.lngSimple Queuing System
qqplot02.lngQuantile-Quantile plots
Quality OptimizationImproving Quality by Matching
QUEUEL.lngMinimal Cost Queuing
QUEUEM.lngSteady State Queuing Model
QueueMP.lngMulti-period, multi-server queue model
QueueNservers.xlsxOptimal number of servers in an M/M/c queue
QueueStaffn.lngSetting Staff levels in a system
RadioCommX.lngModel for assigning frequency bands to links in a radio communications network
RangeReport.lngReport generation in LINGO
RASmethoda.xlsMatrix Balancing with the RAS Criterion
RAVINIA.lngRavinia Max Flow problem
REFINERY.lngOil Refinery Model
REGRESS.lngLinear Regression
regressw11.lngMultiple linear regression in LINDO
REGRESSW7.lngWeighted Regression
RegressWgt01.xlsxMultiple linear weighted asymmetric regression
REGRLMAX.ltxLeast Maximum Deviation Regression
REGRORD.ltxOrdinal Regression
repairmd01.lngLP formulation of a Markov Decision Problem
RISKFREE.ltxMarkowitz Model with Risk Free asset
RoundRep.lngRounding Model
RoundRep14a.lngThe Rounding problem.
RoundRepx.xlsxHow to round a set of numbers so the total is unchanged.
RouteFTL.lngSingle Fleet Full Truck Load Routing model
ROUTING.ltxFleet Routing and Assignment
SaleTerrDsgn.lngSales Territories Design
SampBal14x.lngThe sample weighting problem
SAMPLE.lngAcceptance Sampling 1
SAMPLE2.lngStratified Sampling Design
SAMPLEC.cA C Programming Example
SAMPLEVB.frmA Visual Basic Programming Example
SAMPLEWB.xlsOptimal Statistical Sampling Strategy
SAMSIZ.lngAcceptance Sampling 2
SCENARIO.ltxScenario Investment Approach
Scenarios.lngGenerate scenarios
SCENARIO_GENERATOR.lngScenario Generator
Sched6x6Gnt.lngPERT/CPM project scheduling with resource constraints
ScheduleR1WB.xlsxA Simple One Resource Scheduling Problem
SchoolScheduler.lngThe standard school day scheduling problem
SEASON.xlsSeasonal Sales Forecasting
Season_ticket.xlsAllocation of Season Tickets
SEMIVARI.ltxMarkowitz Model using Semi-variance
Seq1TardyWgt01.lngOne Machine Weighted tardiness problem
SeriesPar.lngOptimal redundancy in a series/parallel system
SHADES.lngSeasonal Sales Forecasting
SHAPLEY.lngShapley value for players in a Coalition
SHIPPING.xlsShipping Cost Reduction
ShortestPath.xlsxNetwork Flow Optimization Model in What'sBest!
Simplex.lngSimple Simplex iterator
SIMXPO.lngExponential Smoothing
SIXBYSIS.lngPERT/CPM project scheduling with resource constraints.
sixbysisb.lngPERT/CPM project scheduling with resource constraints
SOFTCNST.ltxStaff Scheduling Model with Soft Constraints
SONGS.lngPlacing Songs on a Cassette Tape
Sortin.lngIllustrating sorting in LINGO
SPHEREPK.lngPack Spheres inside a Cube
SplineFit06.lngLINGO model to fit a spline interpolation curve to a set of points.
Spreadsheet OptimizationOptimiztion Modeling in Spreadsheets
SP_Cap_Plan_Corr.xlsCapacity Planning with Repositioning Under Uncertainty
SP_Cap_Plan_Gen.xlsCapacity Planning with Repositioning Under Uncertainty
SP_HydroPool01.xlsxManaging Releases from Water Reservoirs
SP_MarkDown.lngThe single product inventory problem with Mark Down
SP_NBsimpleL.lngNewsvendor problem
SP_NBsimpleL.xlsxSimplest Newsvendor model
SP_NEWSEndogLP1.lngNewsvendor model with Endogenous Randomness
SP_Plant_location2.xlsPlant Location with Random Demand
SP_PutOption.xlsStochastic Programming Version of an American Put Option
Stable_Marriage9.lngStable Marriage Assignment
STABLE_ROOMMATE8.lngRoom-Mate Matching
STAFF.xlsStaff Scheduling
StaffBacklog.xlsxStaffing with Backlogging
STAFFC.cppC Staff Scheduling Example
STAFFCCB.cppC Staff Scheduling Example with a Callback Function
STAFFDEM.lngStaff Scheduling
STAFFOLE.lngStaff Scheduling
StaffPat.lngStaff Scheduling
StaffPatSimp.lngThe simplest possible work staffing model in LINGO
StaffPatSimp01.lngThe simplest possible work staffing model in LINGO
STAFFPTR.lngStaff Scheduling
STAFFSCH.ltxStaff Scheduling
STAFFVB.frmVisual Basic Staff Scheduling Example
STAFFVBC.frmVisual Basic Staff Scheduling Example with a Callback Function
StartStopWindow.xlsxSimple Unit Commitment with Start-up, Run, & Shutdown costs
STATEST.ltxLeast Absolute Deviations Regression
STOCHAST.ltxStochastic Programming
STOCK.ltxCutting Stock Model
StyleAnlys.lngStyle Analysis of a Fund Portfolio
StyleAnlys_wb.xlsStyle Analysis of a Fund Portfolio
SubDP.lngEnumerate all feasible nonempty subsets of a partially ordered set
SUDOKU-SOLN.xlsSudoku Puzzle Matrix
SUDOKU.lngThe Sudoku Puzzle
Sudoku_AllDiffx02.xlsxThe Sudoku puzzle in What'sBest!
Supply Chain Cases: Data-
Supply Chain Engineering Cases-
Supply Chain GlossarySupply Chain and Operations Management Glossary
TARDYWGT.xlsWeighted Tardiness Problem
targetia01.lngTarget assignment problem in LINGO
TASK_ASSIGNMENT.xlsTask to Facility Assignment
TAXPLAN.ltxFinancial Planning with Taxes
TELEHUB3.lngTelecomunications Network
TELENET.ltxRouting in a Telephone Network
The ABCs of Optimization PresentationABCs of Optimization
TRAFFIC.xlsTraffic Cost Minimization
TRAFFIC_LIGHTS.lngTraffic Light Sychronization
TRANCOST.ltxMarkowitz model with Transaction Costs
TRANEQ.ltxA Transportation Equilibrium Problem
TransportFixedCost.lngStandard fixed charge transportation problem
TransportProb01.lngA generic transportation Problem
TransportProbSparse01.lngA generic Transportation Model
TransposeOfMatrixIllustrate Transpose of a matrix
TRANSPRT.ltxA Scalable network Transportation Model
TRUCK.xlsTruck Loading/Knapsack Problem
TruckAssign.xlsxTime Aggregated Truck Assignment to Customer
TruckLaneAuction.xlsxSimple Trucking Lane Auction
TruckReplenish.xlsxMulti-period Planning
tspcutx.lngTraveling Salesman Problem. Simple version
TSPgreatCircle.lngTraveling Salesman Problem
TSP_Chart15.lngTraveling Salesman Problem
TSP_MTZx.xlsTraveling Salesman Problem
TwoPersonGame.xlsxTwo Player Non-constant Sum Game
uLexMinMax02.lngUnordered LexicoMinMax procedure
VARIANCE_MIN.xlsMinimize Variance Model
VAR_MODELA.xlsVAR(1) Model
VehicleRouting.xlsVehicle Routing, or LTL Delivery Model
VehicleRoutingProblems.pdfVehicle Routing Optimization
VROUTE.lngVehicle Routing Problem
VRouteMTZplusTM.lngVehicle Routing Problem
VRouteWindow.lng The Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP), with time windows (VRouteWindow)
WACD__Model.xlsxAutoregressive Conditional Duration (ACD) Model
WasteH2Otreat.lngWaste water pooling problem
WavePicking.xlsxTiming Picking Waves in a Warehouse
WHATIF.lngHome Mortgage Calculation
WIDGETS.lngTransportation Problem
WobbeIndex.lngBlending gases based on the Wobbe index
WobbeIndexX.xslxBlending gases based on the Wobbe index
WorkSmooth.lngPlanning Model for Capacity Expansion and Work Force Smoothing
XYZ.xlsXYZ Corporation
XYZVBA.xlsXYZ Corporation
YieldMan01.lngYield or revenue management model(yieldman.lng)